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Monday 20 March
About Us
About Us

cuba tiempo .com is a website committed to delivering the most accurate cuban weather information possible. It is part of Cubaism Ltd's on-going strategy of promoting Cuba and weather is one of the company's information services.

In 2000 Nigel Hunt travelled to Cuba as a tourist and fell in love with it almost immediately. On his return he established Cubaism Ltd, a unique company which offers you Cuba from every aspect - commercial, presentational, information...

Over the period of years and many changes of personnel, Nigel finally managed to collect a group of cuban enthusiasts who followed his dream. Gradually, they become experts in particular field and shared their knowledge with anyone willing to know a bit more about this fascinating island.

In 2004 was developed and grew to be one of the most important non-commercial websites of Cubaism Ltd.

Nigel Hunt, Cubaism MD

The uniqueness of it was that if offered up-to-date data collected from people who actually live in Cuba. It gave firsthand information about Cuban weather, including almost real-time hurricane reports from witnesses. is an extension of, a younger brother, if you like, who is more in touch with modern technology and gadgets. It continues to use on-field cuban resources, but also give you hourly updates on temperatures, as well as photo gallery and related data, such as climate and hurricanes and all that in several different languages.

Its dedicated staff will continue to provide a high quality cuba weather data.